Pool Decks

Replace the Deck to Give Your Pool A Brighter, Fresher Look

A well-maintained, attractive deck is a key component to ensuring the safety and enhancing the pleasure of your members. If your deck is worn and in-need of replacement, the pros at SwimSafe will help you make it look beautiful again. Since decks cannot be resurfaced in the Southwest Ohio climate due to excessive freezing and thawing, your deck must be completely replaced.

The first step in the process is to break out the existing deck and assess the base layer to determine if there is proper gravel depth and compaction. Wherever necessary, stone and gravel is used to fill in any non-level areas and compacted, then steel rods are laid into the gravel to provide strong reinforcement. The bonding around the pool and at all ladder and hand-rail anchors is inspected and repaired to meet national electric code (NEC). The concreate is then poured and troweled out by hand to achieve a good, slip-resistant finish and all depth markers are secured per state requirements.


Your new deck is now ready to deliver many years of service, ensuring the safety and enhancing the enjoyment of your members!