Daily Maintenance Ensures a Pleasant Pool Environment

Keeping a pool in top operating condition requires constant attention and care. At SwimSafe, we are committed to maintaining your pool care on a daily basis to ensure your members will have a wonderful experience every time they go for a swim. Our daily maintenance procedures include:

  • Maintaining the water quality of the pool.
  • Skimming the water surface to remove floating matter and clean skimmer baskets.
  • Brushing the walls of pool.
  • Cleaning pool tiles or scum line.
  • Vacuuming entire pool as needed.
  • Checking pumps, strainers, and filters daily.
  • Backwashing or cleaning filters as needed.
  • Cleaning pool, empty trash containers and place trash on curb or in dumpsters for pickup.
  • Cleaning and maintaining restrooms daily.
  • Cleaning and maintaining chemical room and pump room.
  • Maintain and store all safety and maintenance equipment in the proper location.
  • Keep pool furniture clean and orderly.
  • Record all daily swim season duties in the pool’s log.