Green Technologies

Maximize Efficiency Using the Latest Green Technologies

SwimSafe stays current with the latest green technologies, so we can help make your pool run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To give you just a few examples, we use Activate™ filter media which requires a shorter backwash, generating substantial savings on your water bill. In the pump room, we utilize Variable Frequency Drives for motors which regulates the pump to use only the energy required at each power level, reducing your electric usage up to 60%. LED lighting is employed to not only provide softer, more pleasant light, but it burns only 10% of the power that traditional incandescent lights do, drastically reducing your electric bill.

SwimSafe provides environmentally friendly, money saving ideas in many areas including:

  • Filter system repair / maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of ultraviolet (UV) systems
  • Equipment replacement
  • Installation of pumps and filters
  • Activate™ filter media

Ask a SwimSafe pro for a free “green” consultation. We can help you save money and improve the environment!