Pool Chemicals

Just the Right Balance

We properly balance the chemicals in your pool using the industry standard pool water saturation index (SI) to ensure optimum comfort for your members. In addition, this protects all of your pool components, including the pool surface, pumps, filters and heater. We constantly monitor all pool-water chemistry, including disinfection levels, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, combined chlorine (CC) and total dissolved solids. Also included in our pool service are all chemicals including liquid chlorine, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, muriatic or sulphuric acid, stabilizer, chemical test reagents, algaecides, and tile and scum-line cleaners. Our comprehensive approach is detailed in our management agreement, so you are sure everything will be taken care of.

SwimSafe utilizes the latest measurement technology featuring a photometer to accurately test all components of water chemistry to pinpoint any problem that might occur. We regularly test phosphates along with all metals, salts and total dissolved solids. The trouble areas we monitor include staining of the surface, cloudy water, water smells, bad taste and clogged heat exchangers. Our goal is to keep your pool as clean and pleasant as possible, while protecting your most valuable asset.