Case Study

SwimSafe’s Construction Expertise Rescues Trails’ Pool Renovation Project


Jeff Butterfield, President of the Trails Recreation Association, knew the Association needed to replace the 20 year-old concrete around the its pool. Jeff, not totally familiar with swimming pool renovations, consulted with the board of directors and selected a local concrete contractor for the project. Immediately after the project began, the contractor was repeatedly coming to the board with additional expenses for items not included in the quote, such as broken skimmers and damaged coping.


When he realized that this approach was not working, Jeff decided to meet with Dan Guerin, General Manager of SwimSafe’s Construction and Repair Division. After analyzing the situation, Dan drew on his vast knowledge and experience in pool renovation to advise Jeff on a better course of action. He informed Jeff that the contractor’s heavy equipment and demolition process were causing the damage and seriously jeopardizing the integrity of the pool structure. When Jeff heard Dan’s suggestions on how to approach the job with the appropriate equipment and processes, he immediately stopped the contractor and retained SwimSafe Construction and Repair to complete the work.


The project was completed without a hitch and the pool looks great. The HOA was extremely satisfied with the outcome and grateful for Dan’s knowledge, professionalism, and timeliness throughout the project. The Association won’t hesitate to come back to SwimSafe for the next construction project.