Resurface & Tile

Make Your Pool Look New Again with Professional Resurfacing and Tile

SwimSafe is a factory-trained applicator of Diamond Brite pool finish, a unique blend of colored-quartz aggregates and polymer-modified, white Portland cement which produces a surface that is extremely durable, non-fading, resistant to pool chemicals, and easy to maintain. Diamond Brite is also comfortable to a bather’s feet and slip resistant.

Critical to a successful result is adherence to Diamond Brite’s strict standards for installation. SwimSafe professionals prepare the old surface by chipping out any hollow areas that have lost contact with the surface underneath. The surface is then acid washed, followed by a power wash, to ensure a sufficiently rough outer layer to promote a very strong bond. The Diamond Brite finish is then applied to factory specifications with a Project Manager constantly monitoring the process to ensure the highest quality job. After the finish is in place, the pool is again acid washed to expose the blue aggregate, producing a comfortable and slip-resistant surface.

If the tile around your pool is old and worn, SwimSafe can help you with that, too. New tile is installed by first preparing the surface to remove all imperfections and hollow areas to ensure 100% backing for the tile. The mortar is then carefully hand-troweled and the tile is applied. New tile provides that little extra, giving your pool the “touch of class” you are looking for.


You will be amazed at what the SwimSafe professionals can do to make your pool look beautiful again!