Indoor Pools

We Understand the Special Requirements of Indoor Pools

When a pool is open year-round from very early in the morning to late in the evening, it demands special attention from a professional staff to maintain air and water conditions along with providing swim lessons, lap swimming for advanced swimmers and other special events. SwimSafe manages 15 indoor pools in the Greater Cincinnati area, so we “know the ropes” when it comes to indoor pools.

Because an indoor pool is never drained, chemical levels in the water must be controlled very closely. We regulate Total Dissolve Solids (TDS), which can be high if not properly contained causing water contamination. Also, Combined Chlorine (CC) needs to be managed very tightly to keep the pool clean, but at the same time avoiding harsh chlorine odors. Our well-trained staff watches these chemical levels on an ongoing basis to ensure proper limits.


SwimSafe managed indoor pools meet the higher-level needs of year-round swimmers. Just visit one of our pools and you will experience the difference!