Member / Guest Check-In System

Let Us Automate Your Desk Check-In Procedure

Our new Desk Manager application eliminates the need for a manual tracking operation by letting you handle check-ins and manage membership through the cloud.  Some of the unique features of the system include:

  • Exportable records: This enables facilities to measure traffic and usage, which can be used to help refine facility hours and staffing.  It also monitors guest attendance for billing and tracking.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Guests can be checked in with cash, credit, or account billing.  Dues can be paid on-site by credit card and directly deposited into your facility bank account.
  • Member Images: A webcam can be used to capture member images that are displayed on their account page.
  • Data Collection: Complete records by collecting e-mails, phone numbers, and addresses through the application interface.
  • Account Updates:  New Families/Individuals can be added without uploading new reference data.