Customized, Economical Pool Services for HOA’s

Swimsafe specializes in serving the unique needs of HOA’s by delivering the highest level of pool-management services employing seasoned professionals. Our goal is to provide a safe and pleasant experience every time your homeowners visit the pool.

Our services are also very cost competitive. Because managing swimming pools is all we do, our volume buying saves HOAs money on chemicals and repair parts. We can offer cost-cutting improvements and provide an accurate and detailed year-end cost history and analysis to help you prepare budgets for the coming year. When capital improvements are needed, we can even handle the construction and repair. We also carry ten million dollars in liability insurance to minimize your risk.

Our team is dedicated to keeping the pool area clean and the water crystal clear including daily chemical inspections, cleaning the pool area and bathhouse and taking all necessary precautions to prevent recreational water borne illness (RWI).


SwimSafe’s goal is to ensure that every aspect of your pool operates seamlessly, so you can relax and enjoy the water.