Swim Clubs

Let SwimSafe Take the Worry Out of Operating Your Pool

With SwimSafe managing your pool, you don’t have to worry.  We handle everything from the pool and concessions, to the equipment room.  We understand that volunteer board members have careers, families and many other responsibilities in addition to operating the pool, so we want to relieve them of the day-to-day responsibility.  With SwimSafe in charge, you can relax at the pool knowing you are in good hands.

SwimSafe provides year-round pool management expertise that ensures a higher level of professionalism and safety for your pool operations.   We provide steady, reliable staffing of all pool personnel throughout the year including handling all payroll and administrative functions.  We also help you with the business management aspects throughout the year and after hours.  This includes attending board meetings to consult on best practices, helping develop a capital improvement plan, forecasting major repairs to keep the pool in tip-top shape and consulting on any other issues you may have.


Our customer-centric approach is shared with our lifeguard staff to ensure that they demonstrate leadership skills at all times. They are taught to be diplomatic, consistent and fair when explaining and enforcing pool rules, as well as successful methods for safety enforcement.

Our concession workers are all ServSafe trained in food handling, safety and customer service procedures. This ensures your members receive the high levels of service and respect that they deserve. We want you to be able to enjoy your swim club, so let SwimSafe sweat the details!