Case Study

Wedgwood HOA Learns that Swimsafe Pool Services Are Worth Every Penny


Wedgewood is a large community in the Hamilton Township/Maineville area run by the Wedgwood Home Owners Association (WHOA).  They have two large pool facilities, each with a main pool and baby pool. Wedgwood was a client of SwimSafe’s for several seasons and was very happy with the service.

However, at the end of the 2015 season the WHOA was approached by another local pool company that offered to service both the facilities for less than half the price they were paying SwimSafe.  Wedgwood chose to go with the competitor and informed SwimSafe that it was strictly a “money” decision.  They further advised that they were happy with SwimSafe’s performance, even giving them the opportunity to match the pricing.  Unfortunately, SwimSafe could not deliver the quality services required at half the price, so they respectfully declined.


By the end of the 2016 swim season, the WHOA knew they had made a big mistake. They came back to SwimSafe acknowledging that were very frustrated with the service and performance of the competitor and deeply regretted leaving. They went on to state, “It was quite possibly the worst pool season they had ever experienced”, and the property manager added that dealing with the other company was a “nightmare”.


When SwimSafe met with the board to sign the new contract, the board members said that paying for SwimSafe quality was well worth it and apologized for leaving. After returning to SwimSafe. they also decided to allow the Construction and Repair Division to replaster and retile the main and baby pool at one of their facilities along with some other maintenance work. Wedgwood was a happy SwimSafe customer once again.